10 Reasons Why You Should Use Tiles


10 Reasons Why You Should Use Tiles

When renovating or building your home, an important aspect you should consider is the material used – whether it’s your bathroom, kitchen, or other living space.  But which type of material is the best for your project? Should you use paint, wallpaper carpet, laminate or tile? Naturally, you’re going to want something that, not only looks good but will be able to withstand use. Both of which tiles can deliver on.

In this post, we’re going to explore all the reasons why we think you should use tiles in your next renovation.

1. They’ll Look Good for Years

As we discussed in our Ceramic v. Porcelain article, tiles are (as a rule of thumb) the most durable flooring product available on the market. As long as they’re properly installed, maintained and cared for, they’ll look as good as the day they were installed for years to come. On the other hand, another flooring type like carpet can easily stain and fade with time. Additionally, vinyl is prone to scuffs and tears, not only resulting in the floor needing replacing, but it will also harbour germs.

2. Tiles Are Hypoallergenic

The hard, flat surface of both ceramic and porcelain tiles make them the perfect choice for those that suffer from allergies. Unlike carpet which is a haven for allergens, dust mites, pollen, and pet hair which cannot cling to tile surfaces making them ideal.

3. Easy To Clean

Like we mentioned here, it doesn’t take much to clean tiles. Unlike carpet which easily collects dirt and needs to be cleaned regularly, tiles do not require as much attention. It is much easier and less time-consuming to care for than other floor types. By simpling cleaning them with a mop once a week, they’ll look pristine (for low traffic areas, weekly mopping may not even be required). This can be enhanced with Lithofin products which help maintain stone, porcelain and ceramic tiles.


4. Versatile

At Tile & Stone Gallery, we have hundreds of unique tiles which come in many different shapessizes and colours, so there is always something to reflect your personality. From porcelain tiles to mosaics, there is an almost limitless choice for every style and budget out there from modern to urban designs. With other flooring types like laminate and carpet, you may be stuck with a much smaller pool of options to choose from.

5. High-End Look

If you want to create a high-end look in your home without breaking your budget, tiles are by far the better option compared to carpet, laminate, and other flooring types. They hold their value far better and add a more elegant, sophisticated (and generally more expensive) look to your home. Our team are committed to bringing you the highest quality tiles at the most competitive prices – so whether you opt for a ceramic tile or a patterned porcelain tile, we’ll always ensure that your floor looks the best.

6. Great for Underfloor Heating

In recent years, underfloor heating systems have become more accessible. So if you’re thinking about selecting underfloor heating, it is important to consider your floor type. As you would expect, flooring like carpet is inappropriate and, even though some hardwood flooring may be suitable for underflooring heating, porcelain tiles will always convey the heat more efficiently. Due to this, they’re perfectly matched for underfloor heating which we offer.


7. Something For Every Budget

We understand that cost is something you always have to consider when renovating or redesigning your home. Thankfully, tiles are relatively reasonable, and we have types that are suitable for every budget, just contact one of our showrooms and they will happily help you find suitable tiles for your project.

8. Fire Resistant

Conventional tiles like ceramics or porcelains are well known for their ability to naturally withstand high temperatures (i.e. fires). Since they don’t burn or scorch, this makes them perfect for use in the kitchen, unlike carpet which can easily singe.

9. Environmentally Friendly

Since tiles are composed of natural raw materials like clay, sand, and glass, their production does not require the exploitation of any other natural resources like trees and wool.

10. Create A Feature

Feature walls are a great way to use tiles to make your space pop and bring attention to an area of your room, whether in the kitchen or a living space. In order to create this effect, you can use beautiful wall tiles which can transform your plain decor into something elegant and stunning. Guaranteed to impress, our team can help you find the perfect tiles to make your feature piece dream a reality. Just ask for help at one of our showrooms!


We hope you understand why we think tiles are the superior material for renovating or redecorating your home. If you still have questions, feel free to get in touch or visit one of our showrooms and talk to our staff who will be happy to help. If you’re looking for the inspiration needed to make your dream home come true, visit our Inspiration page. We would love to see your finished projects – share them with us on Instagram at @tileandstoneuk.


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