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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Floor Tiles


5 Reasons Why You Should Use Floor Tiles

When renovating or designing your home, one of the questions you may find yourself with is – what flooring would best finish my room? What flooring would compliment my decor? While typically homeowners may have opted for carpet, laminate or other flooring materials, more people are realising that while the upfront costs may be more costly, tiles are much better in the long term.

If you’re still not sure, give this blog a read. Here at Tile & Stone Gallery, we’ve highlighted our top five reasons for why we prefer using floor tiles in the home than other types of flooring.


1. They Last A Long Time

It’s best to think of the long-term value you’ll get from your flooring. While carpet and laminate may seem cheaper upfront, after some years, there may be areas that are damaged by sunlight or just natural wear-and-tear. They just won’t look as good as they first did when you first bought them. On the other hand, floor tiles have a lot more longevity. They don’t mark and scratch as easily as wood and they don’t stain like carpet. If they’re properly installed and well kept, floor tiles (especially porcelain) can last for years and retain their original condition.

2. Easy To Clean

The upkeep of carpet and other types of flooring can be tiring and difficult. They can stain, fade and lose their charm whereas tiles maintain their beauty for many years. Resistant to staining and buckling, tiles can be easily maintained by mopping on a regular basis and the occasional use of tile cleaner.


3. Better Value For Money

In the long term, opting for floor tiles is the better option compared to other flooring types in terms of cost. There may be items around the same price, but the tiles will always be the better choice. Imagine if you spend five pounds per square metre for some carpet – you won’t be purchasing a very good product. It will be thin, fail to retain heat, lose fibres easily and become riddled with horrible bare patches pretty quickly. For the same price, you can obtain some hardwearing, long-lasting porcelain floor tiles. Don’t waste your money. Invest in something that will stand the test of time.

4. Anti-Slip

During the colder, rainy months, laminate flooring can become slippery (which can be dangerous) and water can get underneath which damages it. Most floor tiles are glazed with an anti-slip coating which makes them perfect for use in these months. In addition to this, tiles won’t absorb water so harsh conditions won’t have an impact on them, unlike laminate and carpet which can get easily damaged.


5. Wide Choice of Options

There are many different types of floor tiles on the market. With other floor types, you’re limited tby suitability, shape and design. In contrast, tiles come in a range of different shapes, different styles, and different colours from wood design to modern minimalistic to decorative detailed.  They’re visually rich and a great way to express your personality. We think after reading this, you’ll be just as convinced as we are that tiles really the perfect solution for your home.

If you’re still unsure, why don’t you request a sample to help you decide?

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