Undertile Heating: The Benefits


Thinking about installing undertile heating as part of your next tiling project? We’ve put together a list of reasons why undertile heating really is a great idea.

 No Maintenance Costs

Undertile heating systems are probably the most reliable method of heating your home. Laid beneath your tiled floor, accidental damage is virtually impossible, and regardless of whether you are using an electric or a water-based undertile system, there is very little to go wrong. The manufacturers and installers of these systems offer long warranties, often 25 years or more and digging up floors is not in their best interest, so instead, they make systems that almost never fail from everyday use.


Energy Efficiency

There are numerous factors that make undertile heating exceptionally energy efficient, one of which is founded in the laws of physics. Convection theory tells us that warm air rises, so heating from the floor ensures that only the coolest air in the room is being heated, not only saving energy but also eliminating cold spots, a real win-win. Secondly, whether you are using a water-based or electric system, the temperatures needed to effectively heat your room are much lower. Traditional radiators tend to use water from your central heating system and require that water to constantly remain at around 75 degrees Celsius to effectively heat a room. Undertile heating only requires temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius (or less). One area where undertile heating surpasses even other forms of underfloor heating is through retained heat. Ceramic & Porcelain tiles conduct and retain heat, just like the brick walls of a Spanish holiday villa, meaning that your heating system has less work to do as your tiles continue to emit heat long after the system has turned off. These efficiencies ensure that you are consuming far less energy which has benefits both the environment and your bank account.


The elimination of traditional radiators from your home brings safety benefits. Firstly, burnt fingers become a thing of the past, with no hurt surfaces for little hands to touch. The sharp metal corners on many styles of traditional radiator are also eliminated from rooms with undertile heating. Radiators are a dustmite’s dream, collecting and spreading dust through air movement. The removal of traditional radiators will undoubtedly make your home safer and cleaner for your whole family.



Radiators are an eyesore, there is no getting away from it, so having the ability to design and decorate your interior spaces without having to make previsions for radiators gives you much more freedom and can make the end result far more aesthetically pleasing. At least 10% of floor and wall space in your home will be freed up by the removal of traditional radiators, making undertile heating the interior design connoisseur’s best friend.

When to do it?

Having to take up existing tiles isn’t really a viable option, so if you are considering undertile heating, you really should factor it into your initital tiling budget. At Tile & Stone Gallery we stock a range of water-based and electric systems from some of the leading names in the industry, such as Schlüter-Systems and Devi. If you’re interested in finding out more about undertile heating, speak to an expert in one of our showrooms.

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