Tiling On A Budget


Tiling On A Budget

We understand that renovations can be costly. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can still achieve a beautiful look without breaking the bank, and renovate your home with some good quality tiles. In this article, we’re going to explore some of our top tips for how you can style your home effectively on a strict budget.

1. Splashbacks

Splashbacks are an easily wipeable surface usually positioned behind cookers or sinks. If however, the more expensive options aren’t available to you, why not opt for large format polished porcelain tiles, heat resistant and just as easy to maintain, these are an ideal cost-effective alternative to specialised splashbacks, offering an equally striking finish. Since they’re often the first thing visitors will see in your home, they can help you make a massive impact with a relatively small (inexpensive) space, which will greatly reduce costs.


2. Create A Feature Floor 

If you want to renovate a floor space, but cannot afford to cover the whole floor in your tiles of choice, then you should consider a ‘feature floor’ like the one seen above using our Metis floor tiles. Essentially, you can finish a small area with patterned tiles like this, and flank them with more simplistic, cheaper tiles which will transform your rooms from basic to beautiful at a fair price.


3. Decorate Your White Tiles

If you didn’t know, plain white tiles are typically the most affordable tiles on the market. Tiles like mosaics, or those with complex patterns can be quite expensive in comparison. If you wish to complete your entire project using those types of tiles but are restricted due to budget, we would recommend using them as a border perhaps, instead. By incorporating them into your project as a border or feature strip, you can add their visual flair without spending a lot of money as seen in our Miami range.


4. Consider Monochrome

If you’re considering retiling your bathroom but want to keep your costs low, monochrome might be the perfect fit for you, especially if you’re a fan of the minimalist style. You can use one of our glass mosaic tiles (which are quite affordable) to create an eye-catching look. Our personal recommendations are the Platinum Silver and Ice Leaf.

5. Other Options

At Tile & Stone Gallery, we understand that you may not have the means to create your dream home immediately. We suggest visiting one of our showrooms and discussing your project with our talented team of staff who will help you find the most suitable tiles at the best price!

We hope you’ve found some helpful advice regarding how you can renovate your home on a budget and still design the home of your dreams. If you’re still unsure or have any more questions, let our staff know, and they’ll happily give you advice tailored to your project and needs. If you’re looking for the inspiration needed to make your dream home come true, visit our Inspiration page. We would love to see your finished projects – share them with us on Instagram at @tileandstoneuk.


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