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It’s safe to say that since March 2020, everyone’s life has changed, with home working becoming more common. Bedrooms, hallways, spare rooms have all been converted into “make-shift” offices. Some of the latest studies are implying that flexible working is the way forward, and 9-5 office jobs, 5 days a week, are a thing of the past. With that in mind, we wanted to share some of the best reasons for choosing tiles for a new home office.

Why Choose Tiles?

One of the biggest factors when decorating a home office is inevitably going to be aesthetics. Tiles are a great choice in this regard because they come in an almost infinite variety of colours, styles, patterns and sizes. Generally speaking, tiles are easy to install and depending on the finished style, multiple grout choices are available to complete the desired look.

If you’re thinking beyond the aesthetics and wondering about the practicality of tiles, you may be surprised by how many tick boxes requirements they meet. Tiles are easy to maintain and clean, you’ll no longer need to worry about a splash of tea or coffee on the floor – one damp cloth and you’re good to go. This can save hours of hassle in removing everything to replace the affected area. Tiles are also great for hiding wires, these can be tucked into the gaps between the tiles on top of the grout for a more accessible design (just make sure to match the grout and wire colours), or even placed behind the tiles as they are installed for a more permanent, wire-free look. Did we mention tiles are much better when it comes to office wheels?

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Fast And Easy Installation

Tile laying is fast and easy. In today’s world, most household renovations are carried out by professionals, including tile installations. Choosing tiles for your home office can allow a super speedy turnaround, minimising the time needed for the renovation. Without you having to find a new place to work for “a few days” while the new office is being completed. Allowing you to get back to your new desk in no time at all.

What Style Should You Use?

We have many different tiles available from porcelain wood effect tiles to a more modern concrete design. If you’re trying to create an opulent traditional study look, we would strongly recommend our popular Venus Noce Herringbone tile (pictured above).

At the end of the day, your office is your workspace! You can have any design you like, and there are many advantages when it comes to choosing and using tiles. Our friendly staff members are experts in all things tile related. If you have a question you can speak to us over the phone or in one of our showrooms.


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