The Importance of Backer Boards


What is a backer board?

Backer boards are also known as cement boards and are made without any organic materials such as wood so that they cannot rot or decay over time or from contact with moisture. They are used in wet rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms, or at entry points into a room where rain and wet shoes can bring moisture in.

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Why use a backer board?

Backer boards are perfect for waterproofing. The non-organic materials used in making them means you do not have to worry about water ingress, deformation or weakening.

They can hold great amounts of weight when compared to plasterboard, making them ideal for tiled wall surfaces. Using a backer board makes it highly unlikely that tiles will fall off as they are specially designed for adhesion and create a strong bond with adhesive and grout when compared to other materials.

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They make it much easier to tile and plaster on to the smooth, flat surface, saving time and ensuring a highly professional and high-quality finish.

Tile backer boards are great for insulating wet rooms and improving the efficiency of underfloor heating. Buying a thick board for your underfloor heating provides an increased level of insulation, improving heat retention and greatly reducing the cost of heating your home.

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They increase the choice of tile you can use, due to their smoothness and strength, allowing you to use a variety of tile materials including marble, granite and much more.

At Tile & Stone Gallery, we stock a number of high-quality backer boards from top brands, BAL and Marmox. Available in a range of sizes and thickness, our boards are great value for money and perfect for your wall and floor tiling projects.

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For more information on our latest ranges visit your local Tile & Stone Gallery showroom. If you have any questions or would like to make your dream tile project come to life then please feel free to get in touch or visit one of our showrooms and talk to our staff who will be happy to help. If you’re looking for the inspiration needed to make your dream home come true, visit our Inspiration page. If you’ve finished your project, we would love to see some photos, share them with us on Instagram at @tileandstoneuk.


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