Should I Use Large Format Tiles?


Using Large Format Tiles

At the moment, large format tiles are incredibly popular for home decor projects and for good reason! They can be used to enhance your home and create an open, seamless space, and just because they’re bigger, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re more expensive.

Best of all, the style and design of large format tiles does not limit you to certain areas, which means you can use it around the whole home – bathrooms, kitchens and even living areas! Curious?

In today’s post, we’ve highlighted some of the reasons why we love large format tiles and some of our favourite ranges!


What Are Large Format Tiles?

Before we kick things off, let’s explain what we mean by large format tiles. As a rule of thumb, large format tiles typically refer to any tile that is greater than 30 x 30.

These large tiles are available in a range of sizes in both porcelain and ceramic and can be applied to both walls and floors – ideal for creating a spa-like luxurious look. In our showrooms, we stock a range of large format tiles that vary in size and style.

Why Choose Large Format?

As we mentioned, large format tiles are great for covering a larger space effectively. How? Well, since you, in theory, use fewer tiles to cover more space, you can cover more space, especially when compared with small format tiles.

Additionally, since they require fewer grout lines, they create a more harmonious look in your home which is perfect for modern, minimalist designs.

Can I Only Use Them In Large Rooms?

You may be reading this and thinking: can I only use these ‘large’ format tiles in ‘large’ rooms?

Well, while large format tiles do work well in big rooms (since you can cover more space), they are not to be exclusively used in large areas. In fact, as we mentioned in another post, large format tiles can look great in small rooms like your bathroom and help it appear bigger and more spacious than it actually is.

Now that you know why you should be using them, take a look at some large format tile inspiration for your home.

1. Richmond

Our Richmond range measures at 89 x 29 and 59 x 59 and offers variations available in Cream and Light Grey. With ceramic and porcelain variations, it can be used on both walls and floors.

With a natural, stone-like appearance and choice of neutral colour palettes, this range is perfect for creating a contemporary look in your home. This rectified range requires minimal grout lines, so it can be used to create an open, spacious effect that looks great.

We suggest pairing this tile with a simple and light decor to enhance the appearance of your home and create a calming atmosphere.



Browse Our Richmond Range

2. Hampstead

Hampstead is a beautiful tile which also features porcelain and ceramic variations that can be used on both walls and floors. Available in 89 x 29 and 59 x 59 dimensions, and featuring ranges in Black, Beige and Silver, this range is perfect for creating a beautiful modern industrial-inspired appearance.

While this range works perfectly in bathrooms, it can also work well in living areas, especially when paired with under tile heating and some urban furniture.

We recommend this range for those looking to create a bold and fresh look in their home.



See Our Hampstead Range

3. Kensington

Kensington allows you to create a stunning luxurious atmosphere in your home since it offers a highly polished look that replicates the appearance of marble. Available as 89 x 29cm and 59 x 59cm, Kensington can be purchased in Cream, Light Grey and White variations.

This range offers the appearance of marble without any of the negative drawbacks – no extra costs and no difficult installation process. In terms of designing your home, it is incredibly versatile and looks great whether it’s in a bathroom or a living area. Ideal for those looking to create a high-end look at a fraction of the cost.



See Our Kensington Range

We hope you found our advice on large format tiles helpful and that you use them in your future tiling projects to help your dream home become a reality. If you still have questions, feel free to get in touch or visit one of our showrooms and talk to our staff who will be happy to help.

If you’re still looking for more inspiration, visit our Inspiration page. If you’ve finished your project, we would love to see it – share it with us on Instagram at @tileandstoneuk.


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