Recap: Our Stanway Trade Afternoon


Looking Back At Our Trade Afternoon


Tile & Stone Gallery hosted a trade afternoon with sales reps from Marmox and other reps at our showroom in Stanway. The workshop allowed people to visit our showroom, learn about products such as Marmox Multiboard and speak to representatives to further their knowledge. We discussed what Marmox Multiboards are, how they can be used, and why they should be used. However, if you were unable to make it, here’s a recap of what you need to know about Marmox Multiboards!


Marmox Multiboard

The Marmox Multiboard is a lightweight, high-performance tile backer board that offers long-term adhesion. It provides a strong, waterproof background which makes it especially useful for wet room installations. In addition, they are great for thermal insulation when used with electric underfloor heating systems like Schlüter and work as a perfect background for heavy tiles.

The Benefits of Using It

1. Fully Waterproof

As mentioned briefly, Marmox Multiboards are completely impermeable to water, which makes them very useful for tile installations in areas prone to moisture such as kitchens and bathrooms. Unlike plasterboard which will bend or distort when meeting moisture, Multiboard is completely waterproof, which ensures that the core stays strong. Due to this, it is the perfect backer board for bathrooms, wetrooms, steam rooms, and even swimming pools.

2. Highly Insulating

Additionally, Marmox Multiboards can be used across properties as an insulation board and then simply tiled over. These benefits will be especially noticeable with the 10mm boards, but equally, the 4mm and 6mm will also provide some thermal insulation.

3. Incredibly Strong

Most importantly, the backer board has a unique textured concrete design that provides a strong surface allowing for tiles of very large weights to be safely installed onto walls.


There are many ways to install Marmox Multiboards and the installation methods will vary from project to project. For instance, it can be applied directly to solid walls simply with screws and washers but can also be applied with metal stud frames. In addition, it can also be applied to solid walls with adhesive or fixing dowels, so we would recommend discussing your circumstances with our team first. They will be able to give the ideal instructions for your tiling project and explain exactly how you can install the Marmox Multiboards.

Where Can You Find Them?

You can find them in stock at Tile & Stone Gallery showrooms across Bury St. Edmunds, Colchester, Harlow, Ipswich, and Norwich.


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