Our Favourite Tiles By Colour: Pink


We’re continuing our favourite tiles by colour blog series and this month we’re taking a look at our favourite pink tile ranges. So far we have looked at our favourite tiles in the colours of white, blue and green. This month we’re venturing out into even more adventurous territory and looking at the many shades and styles of pink tiles that can be used to create a fun and exciting look in the rooms of your home.


You may have already seen this range across our social media profiles, but we just can’t get enough of it. Available in a selection of colours, the striking Rockingham range looks absolutely amazing in Blushing Pink. The distinctive elongated hexagonal format compliments the soft pink colour to create a visually stunning wall design. Pair the pink Rockingham tiles with our white Rockingham tiles for a quirky look, or use them on their own for a more contemporary style.

Azulev & Rondine


An eye-catching artisan style tile range, Whinfell is a showstopper in all of it’s many colour options. But the dramatic Whinfell Rose Mallow Pink is in a class of its own and that is why it makes our list of our favourite pink tiles. The handmade effect and aged gloss finish make this pink tile range a sheer delight that will ensure a lasting impression in any room that is graced with its presence.

Azulev & Rondine


If you’re looking for a pink tile range that is less dramatic and more subtle, our Tollymore Rose Pink is the ideal choice for you and your home. Clean and elegant, while still exuding fun and playful characteristics, this soft pink tile perfectly blends in to modern contemporary surroundings. Tollymore’s gentle pink shade and clean aesthetics are what make this range a firm favourite for all of us at Tile & Stone Gallery.

Azulev & Rondine

While we have limited our opening times, our showrooms remain open, so visit us today and take a look at our beautiful selection of pink tiles for yourself. Or if you’d like to know about more of our stunning ranges then get in touch with us today and our friendly team will be happy to help.


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