LVT vs Wood Effect Porcelain vs Hardwood


LVT vs Wood Effect Porcelain vs Hardwood

There is so much choice for consumers when it comes to selecting the perfect wood flooring for their home; hardwood, luxury vinyl tiles, wood effect porcelain tiles and more. With so much choice available, it can be difficult to know what to purchase and understand which type of flooring will be appropriate for your home and budget. That’s why we’ve prepared this article, so you can understand


Hardwood Flooring

As you would imagine, natural wood flooring is an incredibly popular flooring option that has been used for years. But is it right for your project and your budget? We’ve outlined some of the reasons why you may want to (or not) consider using hardwood flooring below!


As mentioned above, hardwood flooring is naturally beautiful and will look great in your home for years and years, although it’s very costly to install.

High Maintenance

Unfortunately, hardwood flooring requires constant upkeep in order to maintain their gorgeous look which can be costly. Unlike other flooring options, they need to be refinished every few years, so you need to make sure you’re prepared for this.  Additionally, since the hardwood will often change colour with age, finding replacement pieces can be troublesome, so we would recommend avoiding use in high traffic areas.

Only Suitable For Certain Areas

Since hardwood can be damaged by moisture, it can only be used in certain areas of the home and won’t work in areas such as your bathrooms. So, if you’re considering renovating your bathroom with some type of wooden flooring, you may need to reconsider your choices!

Wood Effect Porcelain

Porcelain tiles are manufactured similarly to ceramic tiles, but at higher temperatures for a more dense, durable surface. Once they’re created, they are then glazed with a faux wood design to create the appearance of natural hardwood flooring. This allows them to offer the beauty of real wood without the need for complex installations or maintenance which can be costly. Still unsure? Well, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages!

Can Be Used Throughout The Home

Unlike hardwood flooring, wood effect porcelain tiles can be used throughout the home as they naturally repel moisture and won’t be damaged. This makes them perfect for areas such as the bathroom or high traffic areas like the kitchen!

Easy To Maintain & Replace

Wood effect porcelain tiles will generally last for a long time and can last for years in their original condition (if kept well). Additionally, tiles are naturally resistant to stains and buckling, making them easy to maintain by mopping on a regular basis and occasionally using a tile cleaner like Lithofin.


As mentioned before, factories can produce tiles from entirely recycled materials. As a result, they do not require any natural resources like timber making them environmentally friendly!

Keep Your Home Warm

Unfortunately, these types of floorings do not naturally insulate heat. However, if you use porcelain tiles, you can easily install underfloor heating, which will keep your home warm.

Needs to Be Grouted

As you would expect, tiles will need to be grouted when being installed. While this will help you reap the benefits of using wood effect porcelain tiles, grout lines mean you won’t have a seamless finish like with hardwood flooring. Not to mention that grout can often be a place for dirt to build up! However, grout lines can be easily minimised with the use of rectified tiles.

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Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles, also known as LVT, are the latest advancements in flooring that combine durability and design. By combining multiple layers, manufacturers have been able to create a durable, water-resistant flooring option that mimics the beauty of real wood.


Like porcelain tiles, luxury vinyl tiles are also extremely durable. As a result of their robustness, they work well in areas which get a lot of traffic. Similar to porcelain tiles, they are also naturally resistant to water, so can be used in rooms like the bathroom, unlike hardwood.

Low Maintenance

Luxury vinyl tiles are also low maintenance, just like porcelain tiles, and can be easily maintained by regular sweeping and mopping. However, where vinyl (much like wood) can be prone to scratching, porcelain tiles offer more resilience.

Easy to Install

As we said, luxury vinyl tiles are incredibly easy to install – you can simply place them over a prepared subfloor or simply lock the sections into place.


While porcelain tiles and luxury vinyl tiles may offer some of the same benefits, luxury vinyl tiles can be considerably more expensive, especially if you want the same level of quality.

Resell Value

Unfortunately, when it comes to adding value to your home, hardwood flooring and porcelain tiles beat luxury vinyl tiles because they give a greater feeling of permanence. So if you’re looking to add value for future buyers, thisis porbably not the best option to use.


We hope you use our advice and successfully renovate your home. If you still have questions, feel free to get in touch or visit one of our showrooms and talk to our staff who will be happy to help. If you’re looking for the inspiration needed to make your dream home come true, visit our Inspiration page. If you’ve finished your project, we would love to see them. Share them with us on Instagram at @tileandstoneuk.


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