How To: Using Mosaic Designs at Home


How Mosaic Designs Can Give Your Home a Second Life

Mosaic designs have come a long way from their ancient origins in 3rd millennium BC. While they were once small assemblies of small, flat, roughly square, colourful, pieces of glass or stone found mainly on religious buildings, they can now be found in homes across the world creating stunning looks.

This ancient craft, coupled with modern technology, can be used to create beautiful, contemporary interiors that are stylish, and can be what you need to bring your home to life. To help, Tile & Stone Gallery have created this blog to help you find the right mosaic for you.

Mixed Mosaics


Our mixed mosaics, which come available in different styles, employ the use of light colours and an even surface to create a bright and relaxed feel to any room. The range offers a versatility and an abundance of design options, ensuring that you can create your ideal mosaic wall.

the use of light colours and an even surface to create a bright and relaxed feel to any room

As you can see, these decorative mosaics will make perfect patterns in your home. We recommended using them in smaller areas like your bathroom or kitchen and creating beautiful accented walls. Equally, depending on the size of your space, these mosaic designs could also be used to cover large wall surfaces, especially in rooms that do not have a lot of furniture!

Take a closer look at our Mixed Mosaics.

Glass Mosaics


stunning and decorative, yet undoubtedly modern

Our glass mosaics, complete with their opaque translucent finish, offer you an array of options. The opaque glass creates a style that is stunning and decorative, yet undoubtedly modern.

It would be equally at home on a bathroom wall creating an eye-catching ostentatious zone, as it would as a more subtle beautiful border for field tiles, allowing the most creative designs to come to life. The sharp designs help to foster style and liveliness, adding depth to any home surface.

See our beautiful Glass Mosaics.

Natural Stone Mosaics


Mosaics, especially stone mosaics, can breathe new life into areas of your home. While your garden, once might have seemed wilted, bland, and forgotten, a mosaic design could be the solution you need to revive it; and will look perfect in any garden or beside any pool.

These designs are ideal for those wanting to easily inject their home with a stunning design reminiscent of Mediterranean décor.

The blackened stone we have highlighted above is perfect for creating a stunning look. The stone helps create contrast with the beige edge and creates something succinctly rustic with a modern touch.

See more of our Mosaics.

We hope you find the inspiration you need to make your dream home a reality. If you’re stuck for ideas or want to look at more, have a glance at our Inspiration page. Feel free to share your ideas with us on Instagram at @tileandstoneuk.


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