Our Favourite Tiles By Colour: Green


Following the launch of our “Our Favourite Tiles By Colour” blog series, we have covered our favourite ranges of white and blue tiles, both traditionally very popular options and are often many people’s go-to when it comes to choosing tiles for your home. That’s why, for January, we have chosen to share with you our pick of green tiles. Green is a colour that is overlooked by many but is often the perfect choice for those looking to create a contemporary, vintage-inspired setting.

Whinfell – Moss Green

For the eagled eyed readers out there, you may have noticed that the Whinfell range made an appearance last month in our favorite blue tiles but as a range that looks great in green too, we simply couldn’t leave it out. The Whinfell range is loved by many, not only due to the extensive range of colours it’s available in but its authentic, aged appearance means it can suit any application. The Whinfell range is also available in Colonial Blue, Graphite, Rose Mallow and White, with the complete range available to view here.


Sherwood – Mist Green

Those that are after a more subtle tone of green, the Sherwood range carries a modern feel to a more traditional design. A popular option due to its many fixing positions, the Sherwood range in Mist Green, creates the illusion of a more natural setting through the use of texture, helping to reconnect your indoor space to the outside environment. The Sherwood collection is also available in a range of colours, including Ash Blue, Ivory and Graphite. The complete collection can be found here or you can speak to one of our friendly team to find out more.


Rockingham – Blue Canard

Rockingham’s distinctive, elongated hexagonal format is guaranteed to turn heads, especially in the vibrant, Blue Canard, a colour that hesitates between both blue and green. This is the perfect tone for those looking to bring a retro feel to their decor but can also be brought up to date with additional furniture or objects to create a more contemporary feel. This range will certainly help illuminate just about any room, one of the primary reasons as to why it is one of our favourites. The Rockingham range is also available in Blue Velvet, Quicksilver, Blush Pink and Pure White.



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