Colour Trends Of 2020


In one of our blogs last month we highlighted the importance of colour. We explored how the colours in our home can affect our mood and took a closer look at two of our ranges that are available in a variety of colours; Rockingham and Tollymore. But which colours are right for your home? While that is largely dependent on your home and individual personality, we have put together a selection of colour trends for 2020 in a bid to provide you with inspiration for designing and creating the home of your dreams.

Neutral Tones

Timeless tones such as grey,  off-white, cream, beige and natural wood tones are always on-trend. With so much versatility, brown, cream and grey are always easy to pair with and create contrast with other vibrant colours. Light and soft neutral colours create an airy sense of space and freshness, perfect in modern and contemporary home designs. At Tile & Stone Gallery, these colours are available in a variety of natural wood effect tiles as well as other traditional and contemporary styles. The natural wood effect is a classy look that can be beautifully applied to all home types and looks. Whether you are designing for a traditional farmhouse or a modern apartment, neutral tones are forever elegant and timelessly classy.

Our selection of neutral tone tile ranges:


Azulev & Rondine

Vivid Tones

Vivid colours are always eye-catching and visually dramatic on the walls and floors of any home. Bold colours are becoming increasingly popular. Royal blues and mustard yellows combine well to make powerful impressions. If you love all things eclectic and vintage then this trend is one that will resonate well with you, beautifully expressing and radiating your personality in the walls of your home.

Our selection of vivid tone tile ranges:

Alize, Belvoir, Epping.

Azulev & Rondine

Natural Greens

Bring the beauty of nature and the outdoors in to your home. Splashes of green have been gradually entering our homes, in the shape of furniture, accessories and now tiles in 2020. Emerald greens are opulent and luxurious, while grass greens are fresh and calming. At Tile & Stone Gallery we stock a number of different green tiles, perfectly suited to modern homes as well as combining well with other neutral colours for a more traditional look.

Our selection of green tile ranges:

Austria, Norway, Whinfell, Louvre.

Azulev & Rondine

Peachy Hues

Red and pink have always been associated with being luxurious and rich colours. From the luxurious and rich red velvet associated with royals, to the classic peachy pink associated with the finest hotels in London. Peachy colours of pastel, coral and terracotta pair with most things and add warmth into a home. While such a classic design never really went away, this trend is very much making a comeback and becoming more prevalent in homes in 2020. At Tile & Stone Gallery we stock a variety of stunning tiles with Peachy Hues, visit your local showroom and see the true beauty of these ranges in person.

Our selection of peachy hue ranges:

Rockingham, Sherwood, Venus, Hollywood.

Azulev & Rondine

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